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a letter from our director

“اقرا باسم ربک الذی خلق”, Read, understand in the name of your Lord Who created you! Premier Institute aims to be an institution of higher learning dedicated to providing innovative undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional education. By bringing a range of international qualifications home, PI aspires to be recognized as the leading institution of borderless education, committed to providing opportunities that exceed local stream of education to the youth of Pakistan. PI is currently a provider of transnational education; we have collaborative arrangements about us with renowned foreign institutions with professional and higher education portfolios

core values

In premier institute along with studies extracurricular activities are specially focused. Study tours, Seminars, Visits are specially arranged.


social focus




Inovation that exites

Premier Faculties organized teaching and research about us into individual subjects or groups of subjects. Their work is normally organized into sub-divisions called Departments.

Centers of studies are controlled by committees of management, bringing together representatives from several disciplines


Doesn’t matter which course or degree you are enrolled in. all of our students enjoy all in house training by world class trainers for their personal and professional growth


Premier institute is a symbol of success

Your meaning of what success is may shift; however, many may characterize it as being satisfied, upbeat, sheltered, solid, and cherished. It is the capacity to arrive at your objectives throughout everyday life, whatever those objectives might be

Hard work is the main key to accomplishing it; it instructs us control, devotion, and assurance. Hard work is certainly increasingly significant because it is just through hard work that we can accomplish amazing objectives.

foundation and focus

self development


development skills