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premier institute

Systimetic business consultant, lecturer and executive couch in the field of executive, strategy and organizational development. Muhammad Asim Idrees is best known as a trainer in his own organization Premier Institute.
CEO Muhammad Asim Idrees

About Us

Institute with specific service

Premier Institute provides on-campus courses of IELTS, PTE, Language Cert, Language courses, Spoken English from beginner to advance. Our tried and true system is based off over number years cumulative experience. We pride ourselves on setting up our students for success and are sure that with our best services students will get their desired goals

Premium and Executive Sessions

Premier Institute considers every individual as a responsibility that each and every participant should get his/her desired results for that we have premium batches for not more than 15 students in one batch and executive one on one classses. High quality interaction where students feel heard. Low stress environment frees student from the fear of failure. Instructor can gauge the student's progress and mastery.

P r e m i e r I n s t i t u t e

Has beentrusted to fulfill the mentee’s needs for20years.Providing physical classes nationwide and a international level as well. Have a professional team who really understand the needs of students to get their desired results.Proper IT Lab for students.

Premier Institute OUR VALUES

We never make a large size group. Our
classes are with less number of
students and we understand their
weaknesses really well.
Our procedures help you to get the
guaranteed results.